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The Settlements in Strandja - Balgari Village The Settlements in Strandja - Balgari Village
 17 km to the south-west of Tzarevo is situated the village Balgari which is the only one in Strandja with the status of folklore reserve. It is located over a hill roundabout from deep gorges. It is supposed that the name of the village originated from the name of proto- Bulgarian tribe "Urgari" who had the task to protect the Bulgaria – Byzantium boundary. Here to the latest time the fire-dancing has survived, from here is the last "real" fire-dancer – the old woman Zlata, after the death of who the tradition has faded for many years.
Today’s this unique by its nature spectacular ritual has survived and could be watched at the fest of the village Balgari – 3rd and 4th of June. At that time the residents of the village honored the saints Constantine and Helena who are patron saints of the church in the village announced also as a monument of culture.
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