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Protected Territories - Protected territories Protected Territories - Protected territories
 The total protected area in the Strandja mountain is 5395.6 hectares comprising about 5% of the whole territory. The protected sites include nature reserves, protected regions, natural monuments and historic sites.
 The larges part of Strandja mountains is the Nature park as on its territory are founded all categories of protected nature areas according to the Bulgarian legislation. Basic place of the park is taken from the Nature reserves that are 5 in number and 6 protected areas which are
announced because of their interesting nature resources and the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna species conserved in them. Except the oldest in age nature reserve “Silkosia” on the territory of Strandja mountain the other are “Uzunbudjak”, “Vitanovo”, “Sredoka” and “Tissovica” From the protected areas especially beautiful are the “Veleka River Mouth” - in the region of Ahtopol, Brodilovo and Sinemoretz. Protected are the specific coastal vegetation and the sea shelf and the “Silistar” - near the village of Rezovo. Protected are the rocks, the sand band and the diverse vegetation.
Protected Territories - Protected territories
Protected Territories - Reserves Protected Territories - Reserves
 Access of tourists to the Protected Areas is allowed. Visitors must observe certain rules. The other are: “Paroria” in the region of the villages Zabernovo and Kalovo - Visitors can see the oldest and thickest Strandja tree. Historians assume that the area has been the home to the mystic Orthodox school of Gregory Sinayt, the “Marina River” visitors can find almost the entire assortment of evergreen bushes of the Strandja Mountain, “Rudenovo”, situated in an old East beech forest in the region of Slivarovo, this protected area holds the
largest formation of Strandjanian blueberry. Bosna, Krivinozovo, Kalkata and Moriane are proclaimed protected areas so as to preserve the nests of rare and endangered species of birds. Very interesting also are a number of nature sites as the caves of “Elenina dupka”, “Bratova peshtera” and “Maharata”
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