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Geography and Climate - Climate Geography and Climate - Climate
 The specific climate of the Strandja region is influenced by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The average annual temperatures are high 12.8-11.1 degrees Celsius; precipitation is 800-100 mm, irregularly distributed throughout the year and having an autumn maximum and a summer minimum. The climate features keep changing from the sea to the inner parts of the region - the precipitation increases, the average annual temperature goes down, winters become colder. The south-eastern part of the Strandja (the Ahtopol
- Rezovo area) is the sunniest place in Bulgaria (57 kcal/sq.cm) along with the Svilengrad region. During the season (April - October) Strandja has the highest number of sunny days in Bulgaria.
Geography and Climate - Climate
Geography and Climate - Geographical Characteristics Geography and Climate - Geographical Characteristics
 The mystical Strandja is a ninety-kilometer-wide stretch of low, densely wooded mountains in southeastern Bulgaria that roughly parallels the black Sea coast as it extends into Turkey, actually on the border not only of two countries but of two continents. On the territory of Bulgaria is situated the larger part of the Northern Strandja which is actually its lower part. From the two main ridges –Rezovsko and Bosnensko are revealed panorama views and marvelous landscapes. The wooded Strandja is a region of plateaus and hills from which
are revealed wonderful landscapes and lovely views. The picturesque mountains are interspersed with rift valleys where the rivers of Veleka, Dyavolska and Rezovska flow. These are Bulgaria’s cleanest rivers full of fish which you can catch even with bare your hands. Karst region, containing over 120 springs. The local people worship some Karst springs as they believe their water is consecrated by a saint and possesses healing powers.This mountain gives a feeling of love at first sight due to its warmth and undiscovered treasures. The Strandja seduces you with its captivating scenery and unique spirit.
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